How To Melt Lipstick For A Palette


Through this blog I aim to start posting some  ‘HOW TO’ blogs which will include a number of makeup and product tips for all your beauty needs. Whether you are a professional artist or a fan of all things Makeup hopefully you will find some handy tips!

How To Melt Lipstick For A Palette

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In this first post I am going to give a step by step guide of HOW TO melt down your lipstick using a candle to distribute it into a professional palette.


As a freelancer I often have to travel for different jobs which means carting around a large kit. Through my years of work I’ve learnt that you may feel prepared for every job but on arrival you are always asked for products you never thought you would need! Which means I always take more kit than required just in case and finding handy space (and weight) saving tips is always helpful.  For those of you who don’t work as a makeup artist but are looking for handy space saving ideas for your makeup table or personal kit.

There are other processes you can use to melt your lipsticks (e.g in the microwave) however although this way it the most time consuming it is the best for being able to accurately melt your lipsticks at the appropriate temperature.

What You Need

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  • A Candle
  • Spatula
  • A Large Tablespoon
  • A Palette
  • The Lipsticks you wish to add to the palette
  • Tissue/Babywipes (remember it is important to be as hygienic as possible when dealing with cosmetics, you will need to wipe off the spoon and spatula in between lipsticks shades)

De-Tubing Lipstick

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Begin by using your spatula to remove the lipstick from the tube. Depending on how much of the shade you want to use you can either cut the stick or use the pointed end of the spatula to scrape the remaining colour from the tube. Then scrape the lipstick from the spatula onto the spoon (see below)

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Use a deep tablespoon so that the colour doesn’t overflow when melted.

Melting The Lipstick

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Hold the spoon over a lit candle, not too closely or the liquid will burn. Be careful of heating Matte lipsticks or more powdery products as these will not melt so easily. Hold over the flame until it becomes a liquid. Stir the colour with a spatula to speed the melting process (see below)

image (8)

Pouring Liquid

Using the spatula carefully pour the liquid lipstick into the palette section. Work slowly and hold the spoon close to the palette so it doesn’t spill over. The lipstick will dry very quickly and if you do over spill with the liquid you can use the spatula to scrape it into the right section when it is dry.

image (5)image (9)image (7)

Clean the spoon in between lipsticks or the shades will mix. Be careful when cleaning as it will get hot. It can be useful to keep a note of what shade is in which section for reference. You can keep this in your kit bag or attach to the inside of the palette lid.

And There You Have It!

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Your very own homemade lip palette. It looks a lot more professional (and hygienic) than opening and closing a number of lipsticks until you find the shade you are after in front of a client and you can top up the sections with a new colour when one is used up. For melting lipsticks I recommend using the Large MAC duo palette and the 12x and 24x inserts.

Keep an eye on my upcoming blog posts for more tips on products and kit advice.

To see examples of my work and how I have used lipstick palettes follow the link below:-

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