In November 2013 I spent one very damp and muddy week filming ‘Inquisitions’ a new four part series for Yesterday Channel and Discover America and the series is currently being shown on Yesterday Channel (Freeview Ch19, Sky Ch 537) on Wednesday nights at 9pm. ¬†Inquisition is a shocking four-part series exploring bloody and menacing persecutions of heresy from history and the shoot involved plenty of fake blood and dirt!

inquisition_020 inquisition_014

With up to 20 reenactors joining the crew from Like A Shot Productions at Cosmeston Historical Center in Cardiff, South Wales, the atmosphere on the shoot was fantastic and not a single cast member got away without at least a little fake dirt under the finger nails! It was a great opportunity for me as a makeup artist to be involved in such a shoot as it demanded such a variety of different techniques and I had to create full character makeups in very little time. From the Spanish Inquisitors to Templars being tortured to a full Queen Elizabeth I makeup and hairstyling, every aspect of my training was brought into practice.

Below are some behind the scenes images from the shoot.

558935_10202281071779021_1772280916_n inquisition_064

If you missed any of the episodes then here is a link to watch them On Demand online:-

inquisition_023 inquisition_056

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more work being produced by Like A Shot Production Ltd. In June 2014 I collaborated with their team again on another set of reconstructions, including scenes of the Illuminati, Jack the Ripper and the Holy Grail. I can safely say it will be equally as gruesome!

inquisition_065 1395256_669336369767462_662136418_n

Images by Sam Brolin

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